Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) represents a complete holistic view of all business and technical systems that together enable the organization. Ideally, all the elements of the EA should work seamlessly in concert to provide the resources needed to successfully run the business.

The scope of EA can vary from one organization to another, but typically it will include the business, application (or services), information, security and infrastructure architectures. Too often the focus is on IT, which causes business architecture to be absent or only lightly considered. This is unfortunate because it represents the key connection between IT and the strategic business mission of the enterprise.

We offer comprehensive EA strategy and planning services. While we can apply any of the common EA methodologies (TOGAF preferred), our approach is pragmatic and flexible, with a focus on promoting and enabling harmonization across the enterprise architecture with the singular goal of supporting the business vision and mission.

Our EA planning service can be provided on its own, or together with our IT Strategy or Cloud Strategy services. Increasingly, EA must consider and embrace an organization’s approach and utilization of Cloud services.